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The Australian Association of Social Marketing is an independent, volunteer based organisation. It is the peak body representing social marketers in Australia and aims to provide support for social marketers throughout the country and act as a central resource for those engaged in, or interested in, social marketing practice and research.

The principles which underpin the association are drawn from the basic principles which underline social marketing.

  • Independence – the AASM is independent of any industry body and will provide impartial social marketing advice to those who are engaged in the field;
  • Empowerment – the AASM is committed to the person centred focus of social marketing and promotes programs which use the full range of marketing tools and techniques to help individuals make positive lifestyle choices;
  • Engagement – the AASM believes that successful social marketing is based on engaging with those people who are the identified target adopters of pro-social change;
  • Education – the AASM is committed to educating the community about social marketing and supporting educational programs focussed on social marketing; and
  • Evidence – the AASM through its research links is committed to the sharing of knowledge to inform evidence based theory and practice in social marketing.

Core Values

Connective, inclusive, informative, reflexive  

The Role of the AASM

  1. AASM acts as a hub for connecting people practicing, researching, studying, and interested in social marketing. AASM does this through a through a members skills database, events, conference, symposiums, and small research grant schemes/awards.
  2. AASM acts as a source of knowledge and insight on contemporary social marketing. AASM achieves this through providing news, running events, the bi-annual ISM Conference, access to journal articles, AASM Viewpoint, and AASM Newsletter.
  3. AASM help members to build their own profile and competencies. AASM does this by publicising the AASM brand and our members, through building awareness of the AASM and our members, and seeking to build our membership in the public health, public sector and not for profit sector.
  4. AASM helps build and strengthen social marketing in and throughout Australia. This is achieved through the portfolio of activities undertaken by the AASM.
  5. AASM is broadening horizons and helping to increase capacity in social marketing by building towards becoming an Asia-Pacific Association of Social Marketing. AASM is doing this through events, building membership, and engagement and representation in Asia-Pacific.

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