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A tribute to Lynne Eagle

Professor of Marketing at James Cook University & Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand & Charles Darwin University, Australia.

It is with sadness that we would like to inform colleagues that Lynne Eagle has died in hospital in her native New Zealand after a short illness. We know that the many thousands of people in the Social Marketing and wider marketing community will share our sense of profound loss of a highly valued, scholar, colleague and friend.

For seventeen years in her early career Lynne worked in a variety of junior and increasingly senior roles in the marketing industry. During this time Lynne laid a foundation of practical experience and team working that she brought to the table as she forged her impressive later academic career. Lynne began  her academic journey at Auckland Institute of Technology (Now Auckland University of Technology). From the 90’s until the present Lynne held a number of senior academic posts at Massey University Auckland, Middlesex University London, The University of the West of England and as a Professor of Marketing at the School of Business, James Cook University at which she was also Associate Dean of Research from 2013 to 2016. Lynne was renowned for her teaching, mentoring and research. Lynne was a prolific author of over eighty academic papers, five books, twenty six chapters and over a hundred guidance papers and reviews. Lynne also worked to support governments and government agencies by undertaking a number of policy reviews and research projects around the world. Lynne was generous with her time and gave over two hundred presentations at international conferences  and seminars. Lynne’s interests were wide ranging, she made contributions in topics as diverse as obesity, the use of prescription drugs in the doctor-patient relationship and children’s use of  electronic media. Lynne is perhaps best known in the Social Marketing field for her work on ethics and its application in Social Marketing being the world’s leading authority on this subject. Lynne was also committed to building multi disciplinary approaches to promoting sustained behavioural change in social marketing, health promotion and environmental protection. Lynne demonstrated this commitment through the numerous research collaborations she established throughout her career. Lynne will be remembered by her colleagues, students and friends as a shining example of what  a dedicated, principled, collaborative and nurturing person can contribution to improving the world. She will be sadly missed.

Jeff French  President of the International Social Marketing Association

iSMA | International Social Marketing Association – We promote the use and development of social marketing worldwide for the common good. (

Messages of condolence

During my PhD I had the opportunity to get to know Lynne through her teaching and learning, as a key research assistant and colleague and through extensive travel as she encouraged my academic journey via national and international conferences… it seemed she thought I could tackle anything.  Our discussions, while robust were enjoyable and enriched my development as an educator and scholar.  Lynne was an incredible mentor and research collaborator. I also had the pleasure of knowing Lynne outside of work. Lynne had an adventurous spirit, and I have particularly fond memories of traveling with her to interesting destinations… like the time she took me to Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station (you know the one that doesn’t exist from the Harry Potter movies).  She rushed me in the morning, and I couldn’t work out why we had to arrive at the train station 2 hours early.  It became apparent when she jabbed me in the arm with her witchy finger and pointed out all the people who visit in full costume, for me it was a surreal experience that she knew I would love, even if I didn’t.  We shared many birthday dinners and celebrations and she introduced us with pride to her friends, family, and colleagues.  Darren and I are deeply saddened by her passing, and we will miss Lynne dearly.  Dr Rachel Hay (and Lynne’s favourite, husband Darren), Friend, Family, Colleague and Past Student.

As I look back, I have no doubt in my heart and mind that Lynne was my springboard without whom, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It was such a privilege to have known Lynne. A mentor, challenger and mother she was to me. She will always be the giant shoulders on whom I have stood. Go well my Lynne, rest in glory!! Dr Lucy Nyundo Mutabo, Past Student

I knew and worked with Lynne for more than a decade. We were colleagues at Bristol Business School from 2008-2011, before both taking up chairs at JCU under the deanship of Professor David Low. Indeed, the three of us applied and were appointed at the more or less the same time. We worked closely together and published several papers prior to Lynne’s retirement a few years ago. I have fond memories of sharing lifts into work with Lynne during our time in Townsville. We both lived on Alexandra Street and made a daily commute to JCU each whilst listening to strains of ABC Classis FM en route. Lynne had a fine intellect, and one could always rely on in-car conversation being highly simulating. She was also a remarkably conscientious and dependable colleague, as well as being generous with her time. I recall how willing she was always to offer support to students and colleagues whenever needed; someone who embodied the highest academic ideals and spirit of collegiality. I am deeply saddened by her passing and shall miss her greatly. Professor Peter Case

Lynne spent many years working as a Professor of Marketing in JCU. As a supervisor of numerous PhD students, and author of countless books, conference papers and journal articles, Lynne made a difference to the community of social marketing scholars, but most of all, her kindness, positivity, and leadership qualities will leave a legacy in this community, Dr Breda McCarthy, JCU Colleague.

I first met Lynne in 2001 when she was co-chair of ANZMAC in Auckland. I don’t think I made much of an impression on her at the time. We both commenced as Professors at JCU around the same time, and I held the Dean’s position. Since then we began a very productive working relationship both at JCU and then at CDU where she was an adjunct Professor. However, it’s her friendship and sharp wit I value most. I particularly enjoyed helping spend her money on a 4WD and setup so she could safely explore the Queensland outback. It’s her friendship I will miss most. Professor David Low.

Lynne was a very active part of the social marketing community for many years working in NZ, the UK and latterly Australia. Lynne made a number of contributions on important issues such as ethics, climate change and sustainability, and media communications. But I also really appreciated Lynne’s frank and honest approach to things. She was a straight shooter, witty, and good company. I’m sad that having retired recently Lynne didn’t enjoy more quality time enjoying her well-earned retirement. My sincere condolences go out to Lynne’s family, and she will be very much missed in the social marketing world. Professor Ross Gordon.

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